Anantnag City Population - Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir

Anantnag (MCI) is a City and Muncipal Council located in Anantnag Tehsil of Anantnag district in Jammu & Kashmir. Anantnag city has 2470 housholds and town is divided into 40 wards. Anantnag city elections are held of every 5 years to elect representative of each ward.

As per the Census India 2011, Anantnag city has population of 17556 of which 8991 are males and 8565 are females. The population of children between age 0-6 is 2782 which is 15.85% of total population.

The sex-ratio of Anantnag city is around 953 compared to 889 which is average of Jammu & Kashmir state. The literacy rate of Anantnag city is 59.95% out of which 69.09% males are literate and 50.36% females are literate. There are 0.04% Scheduled Caste (SC) and 0.09% Scheduled Tribe (ST) of total population in Anantnag city.

Anantnag Religion Population

Religion not stated880.06%
Other religions and persuasions00%

List of Wards in Anantnag

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Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0001670361.06%954
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0002288556.26%928
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0003509172.52%581
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0004564359.74%910
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0005939669.1%973
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0006322963.02%735
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0007432558.71%935
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0008397661.87%927
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0009331577.71%950
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0010832757.48%945
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0011442463.13%1035
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0012287769.66%1020
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-00131045862.01%951
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0014819265.41%974
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0015213271.9%978
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0016319265.23%956
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0017429360.28%912
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0018302167.76%964
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0019397963.56%941
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0020487953.02%919
Anantnag (M Cl) WARD NO.-0021909663.45%976
Bagh Nowgam (OG) WARD NO.-0027 (Rural MDDS CODE:003726)49478.14%803
Batengo (OG) WARD NO.-0039 (Rural MDDS CODE:003738)291950.22%953
Bona Dialgam (OG) WARD NO.-0030 (Rural MDDS CODE:003729)392561.55%956
Brak Pora (OG) WARD NO.-0035 (Rural MDDS CODE:003734)370454.54%921
Chee (OG) WARD NO.-0023 (Rural MDDS CODE:003722)288156.58%910
Chiti Pai Bug (OG) WARD NO.-0037 (Rural MDDS CODE:003736)22861.4%824
Dooni Pahoo (OG) WARD NO.-0034 (Rural MDDS CODE:003733)298958.51%933
Fateh Garh (OG) WARD NO.-0036 (Rural MDDS CODE:003735)5940.68%903
Ghat Pushwari (OG) WARD NO.-0026 (Rural MDDS CODE:003725)234951.55%967
Haji Danter (OG) WARD NO.-0029 (Rural MDDS CODE:003728)204857.03%998
Khandi Pahari (OG) WARD NO.-0040 (Rural MDDS CODE:003739)373053.19%994
Khirman Dooni Pahoo (OG) WARD NO.-0033 (Rural MDDS CODE:003732)20535.61%971
Mir Gund (OG) WARD NO.-0024 (Rural MDDS CODE:003723)127146.03%1011
Mong Hall (OG) WARD NO.-0028 (Rural MDDS CODE:003727)365854.81%1039
Rakh Chee (OG) WARD NO.-0022 (Rural MDDS CODE:003721)142653.44%1067
Shamsi Pora (OG) WARD NO.-0038 (Rural MDDS CODE:003737)55750.27%1011
Takai Bahram Shah (OG) WARD NO.-0025 (Rural MDDS CODE:003724)207261.44%942
Ul Bug Nowgam (OG) WARD NO.-0032 (Rural MDDS CODE:003731)364357.95%1006
Uttersoo Naji Gund (OG) WARD NO.-0031 (Rural MDDS CODE:003730)260761.37%974

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Anantnag Population Facts

Number of Households2470
Male Population8991 (51.21%)
Female Population8565 (48.79%)
Children Population2782
Male Literacy69.09%
Female Literacy50.36%
Scheduled Tribes (ST) %0.09%
Scheduled Caste (SC) %0.04%

Map of Anantnag, Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir