Panaji City Population - North Goa, Goa

Panaji (M.Corp.) is a City and Municipal Corporation/Corporation located in Tiswadi Taluka of North Goa district in Goa. Panaji city has 1,165 housholds and town is divided into 37 wards. Panaji city elections are held of every 5 years to elect representative of each ward.

As per the Census India 2011, Panaji city has population of 6,885 of which 4,812 are males and 2,073 are females. The population of children between age 0-6 is 525 which is 7.63% of total population.

The sex-ratio of Panaji city is around 431 compared to 973 which is average of Goa state. The literacy rate of Panaji city is 86.72% out of which 90.65% males are literate and 77.62% females are literate. There are 2.5% Scheduled Caste (SC) and 12.19% Scheduled Tribe (ST) of total population in Panaji city.

Panaji Religion Population

Religion not stated1300.18%
Other religions and persuasions270.04%

List of Wards in Panaji

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Cujira (OG) WARD NO.-0035 (Rural MDDS CODE:626740)1,22984.05%1045
Durgawadi (OG) (Part) WARD NO.-0037 (Rural MDDS CODE:645599)1,61083.54%940
Morambi-O-Grande (Merces) (OG) WARD NO.-0032 (Rural MDDS CODE:626737)1,52387.52%983
Morambi-O-Pequeno (Merces) (OG) WARD NO.-0034 (Rural MDDS CODE:626739)93182.38%1097
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00011,26680.17%1022
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00021,19380.39%972
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00032,28679.92%995
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00041,19088.49%997
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00051,45584.74%1032
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00061,33284.38%1108
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00071,32385.34%1017
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00081,26788.48%1119
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00091,80590.47%984
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00101,19191.94%1119
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00111,44184.94%916
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-001280093.63%1025
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00131,16083.45%1094
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00141,31187.11%942
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00151,48789.44%916
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00161,47184.91%991
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00171,17090%931
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00181,29389.56%956
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00192,15086.74%899
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00201,36088.09%1092
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00211,12682.33%996
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00221,77388.72%725
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-002392288.94%1100
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-002469788.38%920
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00251,12989.19%995
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-002699492.25%1219
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00271,36983.42%835
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00281,22389.29%1055
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00291,48385.57%993
Panaji (M Corp.) WARD NO.-00301,35086.3%883
Panelim (OG) WARD NO.-0031 (Rural MDDS CODE:626736)98078.27%1012
Renovadi (OG) WARD NO.-0033 (Rural MDDS CODE:626738)50083.6%931
Taleigao (OG) (Part) WARD NO.-0036 (Rural MDDS CODE:645598)24,20181.63%951

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Panaji Population Facts

Number of Households1,165
Male Population4,812 (69.89%)
Female Population2,073 (30.11%)
Children Population525
Male Literacy90.65%
Female Literacy77.62%
Scheduled Tribes (ST) %12.19%
Scheduled Caste (SC) %2.5%

Map of Panaji, North Goa, Goa