Udhampur City Population - Udhampur, Jammu & Kashmir

Udhampur (MCI) is a City and Muncipal Council located in Udhampur Tehsil of Udhampur district in Jammu & Kashmir. Udhampur city has 1241 housholds and town is divided into 42 wards. Udhampur city elections are held of every 5 years to elect representative of each ward.

As per the Census India 2011, Udhampur city has population of 6365 of which 3284 are males and 3081 are females. The population of children between age 0-6 is 872 which is 13.7% of total population.

The sex-ratio of Udhampur city is around 938 compared to 889 which is average of Jammu & Kashmir state. The literacy rate of Udhampur city is 66.44% out of which 72.02% males are literate and 60.5% females are literate. There are 22.45% Scheduled Caste (SC) and 10.92% Scheduled Tribe (ST) of total population in Udhampur city.

Udhampur Religion Population

Religion not stated520.06%
Other religions and persuasions40%

List of Wards in Udhampur

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Badali (OG) WARD NO.-0036 (Rural MDDS CODE:004974)130868.5%932
Barian (OG) WARD NO.-0025 (Rural MDDS CODE:004963)50463.29%874
Chanthal (OG) WARD NO.-0026 (Rural MDDS CODE:004964)4748.94%741
Charee (OG) WARD NO.-0030 (Rural MDDS CODE:004968)26873.13%914
Dalah (OG) WARD NO.-0023 (Rural MDDS CODE:004961)241682.86%882
Dandyal (OG) WARD NO.-0035 (Rural MDDS CODE:004973)125471.77%858
Danori (OG) WARD NO.-0040 (Rural MDDS CODE:004978)138862.39%848
Delichak (OG) WARD NO.-0039 (Rural MDDS CODE:004977)16943.2%1012
Gangera (OG) WARD NO.-0022 (Rural MDDS CODE:004960)29971.91%993
Jakhan (OG) WARD NO.-0024 (Rural MDDS CODE:004962)267555.63%951
Kalar Himti (OG) WARD NO.-0034 (Rural MDDS CODE:004972)139074.82%920
Karli Khalki (OG) WARD NO.-0032 (Rural MDDS CODE:004970)2140690.14%275
Khetriar (OG) WARD NO.-0038 (Rural MDDS CODE:004976)55179.31%933
Kotli Pain (OG) WARD NO.-0037 (Rural MDDS CODE:004975)74566.71%1047
Nuha (OG) WARD NO.-0028 (Rural MDDS CODE:004966)8365.06%844
Omara (OG) WARD NO.-0041 (Rural MDDS CODE:004979)138473.12%938
Rakh Tenday (OG) WARD NO.-0019 (Rural MDDS CODE:004957)331184.78%358
Rount (OG) WARD NO.-0020 (Rural MDDS CODE:004958)152274.11%900
Sail Saloon (OG) WARD NO.-0031 (Rural MDDS CODE:004969)280174.37%642
Sambal (OG) WARD NO.-0018 (Rural MDDS CODE:004956)104364.81%914
Sangur (OG) WARD NO.-0029 (Rural MDDS CODE:004967)203074.14%944
Shajalta (OG) WARD NO.-0021 (Rural MDDS CODE:004959)31967.4%1085
Sui (OG) WARD NO.-0042 (Rural MDDS CODE:004980)71365.64%891
Thanda Padar (OG) WARD NO.-0033 (Rural MDDS CODE:004971)74977.17%921
Thil (OG) WARD NO.-0027 (Rural MDDS CODE:004965)13341.35%928
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0001362387.25%481
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0002300785.8%632
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0003152871.2%937
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0004181582.81%945
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0005227382.8%958
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0006190983.5%913
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0007166880.16%872
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0008180985.68%882
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0009203385.64%931
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0010121477.27%921
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0011245178.66%912
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0012186081.08%881
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0013152586.75%938
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0014137083.43%892
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0015291379.3%913
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0016181184.76%869
Udhampur (M Cl) WARD NO.-0017269870.57%978

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Udhampur Population Facts

Number of Households1241
Male Population3284 (51.59%)
Female Population3081 (48.41%)
Children Population872
Male Literacy72.02%
Female Literacy60.5%
Scheduled Tribes (ST) %10.92%
Scheduled Caste (SC) %22.45%

Map of Udhampur, Udhampur, Jammu & Kashmir