Mango Town Population - Purbi Singhbhum, Jharkhand

Mango (NAC) is a Town and Notified Area Committee/Notified Area Council located in Golmuri-Cum-Jugsalai Taluk of Purbi Singhbhum district in Jharkhand. Mango city has 16296 housholds and town is divided into 53 wards. Mango city elections are held of every 5 years to elect representative of each ward.

As per the Census India 2011, Mango city has population of 78356 of which 40626 are males and 37730 are females. The population of children between age 0-6 is 10039 which is 12.81% of total population.

The sex-ratio of Mango city is around 929 compared to 948 which is average of Jharkhand state. The literacy rate of Mango city is 71.53% out of which 77.51% males are literate and 65.08% females are literate. There are 1.82% Scheduled Caste (SC) and 32.33% Scheduled Tribe (ST) of total population in Mango city.

List of Wards in Mango

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Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0001486259.65%937
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0002419378.23%957
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0003329985%871
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0004265680.38%942
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0005321283.97%947
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0006600069.25%910
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0007579775.45%941
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0008771473.9%933
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0009503080.56%918
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0010460869.38%979
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0011466677.13%931
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0012207284.31%958
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0013472471.19%1003
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0014390081.62%895
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0015475073.62%895
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0016413873.63%906
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0017388073.14%946
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0018193982.26%971
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0019443475.91%922
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0020485158.11%961
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0021399880.67%958
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0022436472.16%887
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0023526574.64%917
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0024524864.52%875
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0025600070.35%917
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0026268779.94%894
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0027339384.82%888
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0028348986.79%924
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0029465580.28%888
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0030482174.71%892
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0031249485.12%933
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0032669379.68%914
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0033517067.79%983
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0034425568.74%946
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0035442573.24%946
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0036360577.78%927
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0037566071.59%941
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0038420570.08%961
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0039320076.81%893
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0040305075.77%904
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0041439979.34%961
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0042629775.29%941
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0043479880.18%962
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0044260776.29%1005
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0045252478.09%972
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0046435673.37%997
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0047299677.84%1022
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0048390772.79%931
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0049363363.75%936
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0050316377.84%861
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0051567368.99%899
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0052323075.88%875
Mango (NAC) WARD NO.-0053282069.68%880

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Mango Population Facts

Number of Households16296
Male Population40626 (51.85%)
Female Population37730 (48.15%)
Children Population10039
Male Literacy77.51%
Female Literacy65.08%
Scheduled Tribes (ST) %32.33%
Scheduled Caste (SC) %1.82%

Map of Mango, Purbi Singhbhum, Jharkhand