Tumkur District Population, Karnataka - Census India 2011

Tumkur is one of district of Karnataka in India. There are 10 Taluks, 2715 villages and 12 towns in Tumkur district.

As per the Census India 2011, Tumkur district has 640081 households, population of 2678980 of which 1350594 are males and 1328386 are females. The population of children between age 0-6 is 265742 which is 9.92% of total population.

The sex-ratio of Tumkur district is around 984 compared to 973 which is average of Karnataka state. The literacy rate of Tumkur district is 67.69% out of which 74.49% males are literate and 60.78% females are literate. The total area of Tumkur is 10597 sq.km with population density of 253 per sq.km.

Out of total population, 77.64% of population lives in Urban area and 22.36% lives in Rural area. There are 18.92% Scheduled Caste (SC) and 7.82% Scheduled Tribe (ST) of total population in Tumkur district.

Tumkur Religion Population

Religion not stated42230.16%
Other religions and persuasions1610.01%

Tumkur Urban & Rural Population

Out of total population, 50% of population lives in Urban area and 60% lives in Rural area
Number of households142560497521
Total Population5990782079902
Population (%)50.39%49.58%
Male Population3018841048710
Female Population2971941031192
Sex Ratio984983
Literacy (%)78.28%64.64%

List of Taluks in Tumkur

Check out complete list of all Taluks of Tumkur district, Karnataka
TalukPopulationArea (km2)Pop. DensitySex-ratio
Tumkur 5923971028576954
Sira 3137581553202974
Madhugiri 2678661113241989
Gubbi 2625181221215987
Pavagada 2451941361180982
Kunigal 2257839812301002
Tiptur 2227497842841002
Chiknayakanhalli 21213011281881009
Turuvekere 1689947812161013
Koratagere 167591647259987

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Tumkur Population Facts

Number of Households640081
Male Population1350594 (50.41%)
Female Population1328386 (49.59%)
Children Population265742
Area10597 km2
Population density/km2253
Male Literacy74.49%
Female Literacy60.78%
Scheduled Tribes (ST) %7.82%
Scheduled Caste (SC) %18.92%

Map of Tumkur, Karnataka