Tambaram City Population - Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu

Tambaram (M) is a City and Municipality located in Tambaram Taluk of Kancheepuram district in Tamil Nadu. Tambaram city has 9960 housholds and town is divided into 39 wards. Tambaram city elections are held of every 5 years to elect representative of each ward.

As per the Census India 2011, Tambaram city has population of 37906 of which 18940 are males and 18966 are females. The population of children between age 0-6 is 3710 which is 9.79% of total population.

The sex-ratio of Tambaram city is around 1001 compared to 996 which is average of Tamil Nadu state. The literacy rate of Tambaram city is 85.01% out of which 86.91% males are literate and 83.11% females are literate. There are 8.98% Scheduled Caste (SC) and 0.61% Scheduled Tribe (ST) of total population in Tambaram city.

List of Wards in Tambaram

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Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0001506775.76%982
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0002448080.65%940
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0003256683.36%1000
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0004386380.56%1024
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0005366579.7%1032
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0006274280.67%984
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0007325479.16%958
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0008326882.16%993
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0009351678.98%988
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0010173788.14%1078
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0011316183.26%1006
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0012240290.13%956
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0013369588.63%987
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0014243289.68%1030
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0015529089.64%956
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0016499386.32%1056
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0017555487.2%1033
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0018950180.59%966
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0019631188.5%957
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0020649687.33%784
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0021710879.54%1053
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0022426680.9%990
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0023447685.41%1060
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0024253485.6%1019
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0025328079.88%897
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0026411678.57%997
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0027804780.65%976
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0028484382.26%986
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0029474980.86%971
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0030370982.37%957
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0031226882.5%1007
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-00321105884.69%908
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0033493583.14%914
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0034332386.43%987
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0035507990.71%636
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0036134588.18%1069
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0037453779.55%1019
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0038686578.92%948
Tambaram (M) WARD NO.-0039425675.61%987

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Tambaram Population Facts

Number of Households9960
Male Population18940 (49.97%)
Female Population18966 (50.03%)
Children Population3710
Male Literacy86.91%
Female Literacy83.11%
Scheduled Tribes (ST) %0.61%
Scheduled Caste (SC) %8.98%

Map of Tambaram, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu